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Blankets of Love
~South Bay~
"Made with love, donated in hope."
A devastating history sparks great hope. One of our lovely customers, Cynthia Strand, has put together an organization to present us with a great opportunity to create something filled with love and hope, while raising awareness.

Cynthia's 30-year old son, Justin, recently passed from a drug addiction. Cynthia speaks of how great of a man he was:
"I think my son had more wonderful things about him than he did the drug problem that he had."
A few months after his death, April 2016, Cynthia created "Blankets of Love South Bay" in memory of her son.

"My son had his baby blanket from when he was a little guy, and he still had it up until he passed"
"If I can give something to a little baby that they will be able to hold onto and associate it love and hope with, then I've accomplished something."
-Cynthia Strand

Blankets of Love South Bay is a volunteer organization that makes and collects crocheted or knitted baby blankets.
The blankets are donated to the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles.

"I want to give some hope to moms and babies who do not have access to things others take for granted. A baby blanket is one of those. Help me give a new baby a gift of love and hope."
-Cynthia Strand

With her son Passing, she says it was her son's strength that fueled her, having been a wonderful man. Though he unfortunately has a serious problem, she states that, "With blankets of Love South Bay, Strand also hopes to bring awareness to substance abuse, a thing that is not often talked about out of fear."

Get Started! Do what you love. Spread Hope. Raise Awareness.

All you have to do is simply:
Knit or Crochet a blanket of about 36 inches by
36 inches - doesn't matter the color, texture, or pattern, as long as it is soft and washable.

Then, you may drop it off with us, and Cynthia, the founder, will pick them up.

You may also drop them off directly to her!

We know the effort and time that goes into knitting and crochet, that is what makes it so special.

"It's a labor of love made for a stranger."- Cynthia Strand

Be a volunteer
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Above, is Cynthia surrounded by all the donations of blankets made by volunteers. You can be a part of it too! Your handmade baby blanket will be going to a mother in need as she leaves the hospital with her newborn. For many, your blanket of love will be their only sense of security and warmth leaving the hospital.

For more information and details, visit the website: 


Email: blanketsoflovesouthbay.com